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ace and J of spades

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Here you can find a lot of interesting information concerning different blackjack games: their rules, secrets, strategies and many other things.

Blackjack Basic Strategy

The strategy of winning in blackjack is that you have to score close to 21 and more than the dealer. You can't bust because if the dealer also bust then the result will favor the dealer. You can use the computer simulation process as blackjack strategy to have the best hand and one thing you have to be clear that you are playing against dealer not other players.

dealer with cards

At first you have to bet, and then dealer will give two cards. Your two cards will have faced up and one card of dealer will be face up other will be facing down which is known as "Hole Card". So you have to know the basic card counting strategy for a good result in blackjack casino.

There are 8 different cards decks in blackjack and the cards from 2 to 10 have their exact face value where the face cards have a value of 10 points each. The aces have two different values 1 and 11. An ace and a 10 valued card will result the blackjack. Rules are different in different casinos and you can find many casinos where the DD (Double Down) are allowed after the splitting.

The Card Counting

Card counting is your racing horse in blackjack playing. The system is quite easy. You have to keep an eye on the cards dealt and also have to predict about the next card which will be dealt. Low values of your card will increase the chance of winning of the dealer so you have to learn the card counting very well to increase the chance of your winning in the game.

Is card counting successful?

By using card counting you always have a greater knowledge on the cards already dealt and the cards will be dealt next and for this the dealer have the advantage to hit at last. So I prefer card counting as a strong blackjack strategy because this will be really helpful when the shortage of cards on the deck happen. If the last 3 cards has an ace, 9 and 10 and you have 9 or 10 in your hand then the odds of winning is higher than others and you can bet more money on your part.

This game can be won by many different tricks but the most useful is the card counting and I bet if you really understand the whole process and can count the cards exactly you will have the highest chance to win the game. Other strategies are also useful in the game and if you apply all the tricks perfectly then the winning will be yours.

online blackjack

Playing online blackjack helps you to improve your skills and reveal some secrets of the game.

Blackjack Hero

Blackjack Hero is your step forward in becoming more professional blackjack gambler.