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Card Counting

counting in blackjack

Card counting is the most traditional blackjack strategy to count the cards and this will increase the possibility to get the blackjack which will ultimately bring you the success. Card counting electronic devices was not banded before but when in Las Vegas a person was caught by a device which he used to counting cards the casino authority caught him and gave a perfect lesson to avoid that tricks. You can use your brain to count the card but counting cards with any machine is forbidden and if you caught up with such machine you can be locked up for some years. This is the main enemy of many casinos and thy just hate them and card counters always hide the card counting process from casino's authority.

Process of Card Counting

To use the card counting system you have to assign a fixed value for each card on the deck and by this the counter can know the exact time for big wager. With the higher count the probability of winning become higher and for lower count chance of losing is higher. The card counting system will track down every card on the deck and originate the counting in the card counter mind. In a demanding blackjack casino this process become useless because you will get much lower time to count the cards, so, you can find only a few persons who defeated the casinos with this system.

Use of Card Counting

When you use card counting in a casino, at least three persons will play this game with you but as an example let assume only 3 persons are playing with you. They can be told like the fake player, spotter and counter. The fake player will start with low limit and if he knows anything he will signal other parties with different body moves.

When a new counter will come to that table, he will know that this table is hot and the fake player will try to convince him to bet much bigger. The spotter will make sure that everything is running well to the casino security to make sure the win of you. So you can learn the basic process to use the card counting in blackjack tournaments too.

online blackjack

Playing online blackjack helps you to improve your skills and reveal some secrets of the game.

Blackjack Hero

Blackjack Hero is your step forward in becoming more professional blackjack gambler.