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Spanish 21 - Reasons For Popularity

Although many poker players still want to live within their own bubble and think poker is the most popular card game, recent surveys and studies point towards blackjack still reigning at the top of the heap. The game’s origins go back to the 1700’s in France, when it wasn’t called blackjack but merely the French equivalent for the number 21, for the number of points you can get before busting.

As with anything else, there are variations to blackjack, such as Spanish 21, which has become pretty darn prevalent during the last several years. It could have something to do with the fact it is fairly similar to its parent game. Its introduction was a plan that came to fruition in Nevada in 1995. A casino employee was ruminating on just what he could do to create a game just as exciting as blackjack but with more opportunities to tote home some cash, not for the player, but for the casino.

The name is derived from how many cards are used to play the game. Unlike blackjack, Spanish 21 only includes 48 cards, because all four 10’s are withdrawn from the deck. The irony is without the 10’s it does become much more difficult to hit 21 without a bust, but it didn’t really supply the house with an undue advantage. Think about it. The dealer is in the same boat.

Why So Popular?

As the game began to be more frequently played and the rules were tweaked here and there, many blackjack players moved to Spanish 21. Old hands at the blackjack really began to enjoy it so much, more casinos began offering it and they started creating as well as disseminating strategy charts. It has yet to develop a large foothold online, however, as blackjack and roulette remain, much more available.

The Differences Between Blackjack and Spanish 21

  • Even if the dealer gets 21, the player always wins
  • Ties are pushed for everything except 21 and blackjack
  • Although a player splits, he is still allowed to double on amount of cards he holds in his hand
  • For 4 hands total, a player can split all pairs
  • Instead of doubling down or taking a hit, a player is allowed to surrender after he pulls his first two cards, and only be out 50 percent of their wager, but that’s only if the dealer doesn’t draw blackjack.
  • On a soft 17, the dealer is triumphant
  • There is a double down rescue, where a player can relinquish the original wager and protect the double down wager.
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